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Home Invasion in Millburn NJ caught on nanny cam - brutal beating in front of daughter June, 2013
Why do you need a dog?
The statistics show homes with a dog are less likely to be burglarize.
Few things are as horrifying and potentially deadly as a home invasion. Though the daily risk of these intrusive crimes upon families and their homes is difficult to track, we know from a variety of grim news headlines that brutal home invasions occur around our nation on a daily basis.

What is a home invasion? Home invasion is the act of breaching an occupied dwelling for the purpose of carrying out a violent crime as a means to rob, assault, rape or murder the occupant(s). It is not a legally defined offense (federally) in the United States. Home invasion differs from simple burglary in its violent intent, much the same way as the violent crime of robbery is differentiated from simple larceny. Today’s Statistics Because home invasions are typically filed as a robbery, burglary, battery, assault, rape, or murder,  However, 
-Home burglaries occur approximately every 15 seconds
- in the U.S. Most home intruders force their way into homes through the front door.
- U.S. alone, 1 out of every 5 homes will be victimized by a violent home invasion or burglary.